OCU Charges Against These Popular Outlets That Promise To Save Energy

OCU Charges Against These Popular Outlets That Promise To Save Energy

The considerable rise in the electricity bill has caused thousands of Spaniards to seek ways to reduce their consumption. In order to protect your pocketbook , certain companies have taken advantage of this fact, such as those that promise to sell “energy-saving” plugs . A kind of scam is that, as reviewed by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), in the long run these devices have no influence on the electricity rate and will end up being a greater expense for the simple fact of buying them.

The ” energy savers ” plugs have become popular in recent days as a result of the increase in the price of electricity. Devices that, by means of a small capacitor, capture reactive energy (which is wasted), returning it to the network to be consumed.

This system, which does ‘save’ energy, or rather does not waste it, in practice has no effect on the electricity rate . And it is that electricity companies do not charge consumers (yes, large companies) for this reactive energy, so it will not be the same to have this device in a common house than not to have it.

Its price and the light that they incorporate make the expense more expensive
In this way, in the long run the cost of electricity will be higher simply by having to buy the device, which costs between 15 and 30 euros . In addition, these devices incorporate a small light that they show when they are in operation, so that little bulb will also mean a little more consumption when it comes to wielding an electricity bill.

“It is not important that they save 90% on the electricity bill,” says the OCU

A misleading advertising that tries to take advantage of the need for consumers to protect their pocket in difficult times, but has an adverse effect. For this reason, the OCU denounces that they are sold as “savers of 90% in the electricity bill”, while defending that the only way to alleviate the pocket (with always the same consumption) is by choosing the company with the best benefits .

For this, the institution enables a rate comparator where each user can see which one is best for them according to consumption, power and monthly expenditure. “Do not strain”, reflects the OCU to close its criticism of these devices that claim to protect the economy of families but do nothing but harm it.

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