Coronavirus Infections Grow On Island Where Obama Celebrated His 60th Birthday

Coronavirus Infections Grow On Island Where Obama Celebrated His 60th Birthday

Last weekend, hundreds of people gathered on the island of Martha’s Vineyard to attend the “epic” party for the 60th birthday of former US President Barack Obama , a celebration that has not been without controversy as it occurred in full rebound in coronavirus cases in that country due to the rapid spread of the delta variant.

To this must be added the filtered images that have shown the guests without masks , gathered under the tents without keeping a safe distance while they danced, ate and drank throughout the night.

A week later, the evolution of the virus on that exclusive island off the east coast of the United States is not good. At least 74 people have tested positive there days after Obama’s birthday celebration, an increase in cases that exceeds any week since April, reports the Daily Mail .

For now, health authorities have indicated that it is still too early to know if the hundreds of guests and workers who were present at that party without masks have contributed to the increase in cases on this island of Massachusetts. “We are not aware of any case related to Obama’s party (…). It is too early and the only way to know is through full contact tracing,” Maura Valley, Massachusetts health spokeswoman, told the British newspaper.

In the week before Obama’s birthday, the island of Martha’s Vineyard had registered 48 new cases , an upward trend that has exploded after the invitation attended by between 300 and 400 people, all of them family and close friends, from Jay- Z and BeyoncĂ© to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend .

In addition, many of the guests flew to the island by private jet and stayed in the town of Edgartown , the epicenter of the new infections. The Daily Mail newspaper gives as an example the case of celebrities such as actor Bradley Cooper , who was invited to the party and who stayed at the Harbor View hotel, where six members of the staff have tested positive.

The vaccination has not been an impediment to the spread of the virus, since 48 people who tested positive last week, more than half were vaccinated.

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