14% Of SMEs Intend To Access European Funds

14% Of SMEs Intend To Access European Funds

Only 14% of SMEs intend to access Next Generation EU funds. This is reflected in the barometer of July of the Administrative Managers.

The report shows that for 59% of SMEs these funds will not help them in their recovery. Faced with this opinion, 24% of these companies think that it will help them. Administrative Managers think that the funds are designed for “large companies”.

For the majority of administrative managers, 56%, SMEs will not request recovery funds due to the bureaucracy that this entails. In addition, they believe that they will not request them because they lack the capacity to co-finance the projects, because they do not understand how they should request the funds and because “they do not want to waste time.”

On the other hand, 40% of managers think that SMEs that are not going to apply for the aid is because they do not meet the requirements to be granted it. Some of these requirements were to be up to date with payments with the Social Security and the Treasury.

Management of the autonomous communities

In his opinion, the autonomous communities should be in charge of managing the funds. 77% of managers consider that it is important who manages the funds, compared to 13% who do not consider it relevant. In fact, most administrative managers think that the autonomous communities should be in charge of such management.

This opinion is based on the idea that SMEs have lost confidence in the Government providing them with the necessary aid to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic.

In this sense, the president of the Administrative Managers, Fernando Santiago, warns that they fear that the Next Generation European Funds “are going to tiptoe through SMEs. As we have been saying for months, all aid measures are more designed for large companies than for small ones “.

In addition, it indicates that the statement “should not surprise anyone” after 16 months of the pandemic have passed “without the empathy of any government or social agents for SMEs”.

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