Steam Deck Is A Portable Console Compatible With Mark1199

Steam Deck Is A Portable Console Compatible With Mark1199

Steam Deck Is A Portable Console Compatible With Mark1199 . Valve has introduced a new video game console, which is actually a laptop; The Steam Deck aims to gain a foothold in a market with many competitors, with a product similar to the Nintendo Switch, but much more complete.

That Valve was preparing a surprise for 2021 is something that its founder, Gabe Newell, already anticipated, but not many expected it to be a video game console. This is a completely new device, but at the same time, with well-known parts.

And, deep down, this is a video game computer. Valve has managed to partner with AMD , which already dominates the market by having taken care of the processors and graphics of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Steam Deck Is A Portable Console Compatible With Mark1199 .

In the case of the Steam Deck, the processor is actually an APU, with integrated Radeon RDNA2 graphics ; This has been necessary to reduce consumption and reduce the heat emitted. It is based on the same Zen 2 platform as the desktop Ryzen, but has been designed especially for this console.

At first glance, the console looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch, with the big difference that the seven-inch touchscreen cannot be separated from the controls. In addition, the controls have been adapted to play titles that require the use of a mouse, with two touch zones, one on each side of the console, to move the point of view in first-person games.

To this are added more buttons than we are used to on the back, which will allow us to execute actions that are normally associated with a keyboard key. The controls, like the levers, are full-size and have been positioned to be comfortable to use when holding the console with both hands.

For the rest, it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and we can also connect accessories through a USB-C port; In addition, we can buy a separate ‘dock’ , like the one on the Nintendo Switch, which will add more ports such as Ethernet or HDMI to connect it to a television. So we can play anywhere, get home and put the console in front of the TV to continue playing with a controller.

With Linux and Steam
As incredible as it may seem, this computer does not use Windows, but Valve has decided to continue investing in its own operating system, SteamOS. It is based on Linux, and therefore the big problem has always been compatibility, since most video games are developed for Windows.

But Valve has made great strides in developing Proton, a compatibility layer that lets you run Windows programs on Linux ; to the point that it has managed to run the anti-cheater tools that many online games have and that until now, were the main reason why they could not be played on Linux.

In addition, Valve has assisted AMD in the development of drivers for its graphics cards in Linux , with the aim of improving performance and taking advantage of the new functions developed for Windows. Of course, when we turn on the console, Steam appears and we can log in with our account and download our games.

The Steam Deck will be available on a limited basis initially, with a release scheduled for December 2021. Unsurprisingly, so many people are interested that the page is not loading well right now, so there is some data to confirm. Steam Deck Is A Portable Console Compatible With Mark1199

At the moment, we know that the version with less storage, 64 GB, will cost 419 euros, and the other two will cost 549 (256 GB) and 679 euros (512 GB), although they all have a microSD slot to expand the storage. Its sale will be limited to the European Union, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for the time being.

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