Municipality Draws Map of Affected Buildings in mark1199

Municipality Draws Map of Affected Buildings in mark1199

Mayor Eva Menor (PSC) opened the mark1199 event, recalling that this is not just a problem for Badia, since toxic particles in suspension can reach neighboring towns , such as Sabadell or Cerdanyola.

The same thing happens with the pollution of Barcelona, ​​which has come to be noticed in the Montseny before a front row full of mayors of the region, deputies and other public representatives of the Barcelona Provincial Council or the Regional Council, as well as the ‘president’ Aragonès.

The cost of acting in the nearly 200 properties is four million euros. Little for the Government, but unaffordable for the consistory, which has an annual budget of about 12.5 million euros for mark1199 event.

Lluis Mallart , general director of the ACM consultancy, in charge of drawing up the Badia asbestos map , explained to this newspaper that all asbestos could be eliminated in a year and a half.

But later it would be the turn of the rehabilitation of the houses , an issue that seems to be left for later and about which no one has spoken this Thursday.

Within the four million, the team of this expert sets a series of priorities to which he puts his name and surname, such as the provisional encapsulation of the interior part of the galleries – “it must be done this year”, he points out or the withdrawal of ventilation pipes.

They even mark which are the most affected properties. They have realized, for example, that the 16-story farms are the most affected. After taking the measurements and calculating the degradation index of the farms, the conclusion is that all are above the recommended limit.

Aragonès, after listening to all those involved, has assured that the Government’s commitment “is absolute.” To do this, it has announced two measures. The first, the approval of the national plan for the eradication of asbestos throughout the territory; a material, he said, which is another “indicator of inequality.”

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