Four Alleged Fugitives Claimed By France And Germany Arrested In Barcelona

Four Alleged Fugitives Claimed By France And Germany Arrested In Barcelona

The National Police have arrested four alleged fugitives in Barcelona claimed by France and Germany for numerous crimes – including robbery, continued fraud and drug trafficking – through three different operations.

Two of them are a man and a woman who worked under the orders of a ‘vor v zakone’ (organized crime of Russian origin) and linked to multiple robberies in shops and homes, as well as numerous scams of banking entities and money laundering, as reported by the National Police this Sunday in a statement.

The first intervention took place at the end of June, when Spanish agents received information from French authorities about the possible location in Barcelona of two fugitives claimed by France. Those investigated had made more than 150 bank transfers of money obtained illicitly under various identities, and the woman had a role as beneficiary of money transfers corresponding to the loot obtained by the Georgian criminal cell.

After some steps, the agents located their residence in Barcelona and managed to arrest them thanks to the device. They face various penalties involving a minimum stay of ten years in prison on French territory.

Two more arrests
In two other operations, the National Police have managed to locate and arrest two other fugitives wanted in Germany and France in the Catalan capital . At the end of June, a man wanted by the German authorities was detected in the city for the crimes of drug trafficking, possession and trafficking of weapons, and injuries. According to the German police, the escapee had participated in the sale of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and methamphetamine, and was dealing in submachine guns.

In early July, the French authorities reported the possible presence in Barcelona of a fugitive wanted in France for drug trafficking and a criminal organization that led the transport of large quantities of hashish from Spain to the French country

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