811 People Already have Flu Vaccine and 352,000 Boosters Against covid-19

811 People Already have Flu Vaccine and 352,000 Boosters Against covid-19

About 811000 people were vaccinated against the flu and 352000 received the booster vaccine against covid19 according to data released this Sunday by the DGS which indicates that the process will accelerate from Monday

The DirectorateGeneral of Health DGS believes that vaccination against influenza is a priority having already been vaccinated about 811000 people of which nearly 271000 in pharmacies and with approximately 350000 scheduled for the next few days it said in a statement

According to DGS the flu vaccination process and the booster dose against covid19 will thus accelerate from Monday

Users eligible for the booster dose of covid19 have been called up essentially for joint vaccination against flu and against covid19 says the DGS

Of the 1500000 users who will be eligible for the booster dose by midDecember around 840000 are eligible today with approximately 351000 already vaccinated that is 42 announced the organization led by Gra├ža Freitas

Of the remainder more than 35000 are already scheduled for the next few days he adds

According to the information users eligible for the booster dose are those aged 65 years or over and have completed the vaccination schedule for at least 180 days

To these add users under 65 with conditions of immunosuppression who are authorized by their doctor through an electronic declaration explains the DGS

The DGS emphasizes that vaccination against influenza and covid19 is essential to minimize the risk of spreading the SARSCoV2 virus and the influenza virus and to decrease the occurrence of serious illness

Vaccination is very important especially at this time of year when the cocirculation of various respiratory viruses is expected and where the impact of low temperatures on the populations health can also be verified reinforces the organism

The selfscheduling of people aged 70 or over will take place from Monday and according to the DGS the Covid19 Portal can schedule the administration of the two vaccines simultaneously.

However at the Vaccination Center the user may choose to take just one of them the organism indicates

In addition according to the DGS users continue to be summoned through an SMS to take both the flu and covid19 vaccine at the same time or only for the flu vaccine if they are not eligible for covid 19

As of Monday people aged 80 and over will be able to go to an open house vaccination center and ask to be vaccinated with the booster dose of the covid19 vaccine and the vaccine against the flu

Before going to a vaccination center they should check the opening hours of the Vaccination Center at their residence and whenever possible look for the afternoon periods which generally have less affluence advises the DGS

Vaccination against flu started on September 27 in Portugal earlier than usual due to the covid19 pandemic with 224 million vaccines to be distributed free of charge to groups at risk by the National Health Service.

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