Two Dead After A Shooting Between Two Rival Clans In A Cemetery

Two Dead After A Shooting Between Two Rival Clans In A Cemetery

Two people have died this Monday and a third has been injured during a shootout between rival clans in the cemetery of the Valencian town of Torrent.

The confrontation has left two dead, 44 and 78 years old, as a result of the gunshot wounds received. Another person, 20 years old, has been injured after being shot, although he is out of danger.

At first, it was thought that the 78-year-old man had died of a heart attack, but when the body was subsequently lifted, it was found that it had a bullet hole. This person was visiting the cemetery and had nothing to do with any clan.

Police sources have reported that the other deceased and the wounded belong to a gypsy ethnic family called Los Bocanegra, living in the Xenillet neighborhood and facing for years with another family that lives 50 meters away.

Regarding the possibility of reprisals between clans, the same sources have indicated that if they do occur they do not believe that it will be this Monday since the procedure of these families is to disappear for a time.

The events occurred during the morning of this Monday, in the middle of All Saints’ Day . The local police and the National Police have traveled to the site and have opened an investigation.

Shooting at the Torrent cemeteryShooting at the Torrent cemeteryEFE / Juan Carlos Cárdenas
The Torrent cemetery has been closed to the public while the removal of the two bodies is ordered and the shooting that occurred around 10.15 am is investigated, at a time when there were few people in the cemetery since it was early and it was falling a light rain.

Wide police deployment
From the City Council of Torrent they have sent a message of tranquility to the population and have indicated that in the municipality of Torrent there is a large police deployment to locate the author or authors of the shots.

It is not the first time that something similar has happened in the Torrent cemetery. Three years ago, also on All Saints’ Day, the Torrent Local Police received the notice that a shooting had occurred in the cemetery . There was no evidence of the exchange of shots, but the agents were able to verify that they had threatened each other.

Before that confrontation, in February 2016, there was another incident between two families in the Xenillet neighborhood , which resulted in four injuries, two of them by firearm. Subsequently, the police intervention prevented the lynching by almost a hundred people of one of the three suspected of shooting a man and his son, members of the Bocanegra clan.

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