Green hydrogen has the ability to’supercharge’ Vietnam, according to Enterprize

Green hydrogen has the ability to’supercharge’ Vietnam, according to Enterprize

The Vietnamese Institute of Energy and Enterprize, which is a Singapore-based energy developer, have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the project. The Vietnamese Institute of Energy promotes and encourages scientific and technological advancements in energy production. In a statement, Enterprize said, “The study is anticipated to play an important role in driving policy in Vietnam, with a particular focus on the impact of green hydrogen in the country’s future energy mix.”

Following the announcement, firm chairman Ian Hatton met with Dang Hoang An, who is the current deputy minister in charge of industry and commerce, and Nguyen Duc Hien, who works as the deputy head in charge of central economic department, at a GWEC seminar to discuss “offshore wind power for future of renewable energy in Vietnam.” During his time at COP26, Enterprize CEO Malcolm Garrity briefed Pham Minh Chinh, the Vietnam’s Prime Minister, on the company’s intentions for the construction of Thang Long offshore wind farm and also the manufacturing of green hydrogen.

As part of its Energy Plus model, Enterprize, which is currently conducting surveys to create the Thang Long offshore wind farm that will be situated in Ke Ga Cape off the coast of Bin Thuan province in Vietnam and will generate 3.4GW, proposes to produce upwards of 330,000 tonnes of the green hydrogen for export and domestic consumption annually. Large-scale offshore turbines linked to neighbouring electrolysers would convert saltwater to green hydrogen in this method.

Green hydrogen can be transformed into green ammonia (NH3), a more stable and transportable chemical that can also be used as a fertilizer. As per World Bank estimates, Vietnam can completely create an offshore wind power industry of 5 to 10 GW by 2030, contributing more than $60 billion in total value added to the economy. Vietnam is committed to attaining net-zero emissions by 2050 and is building a thorough roadmap for each sector, including clean and renewable energy, to meet its goals.

“Vietnam has a huge opportunity to capture offshore wind to fulfill its energy demands in the medium and long term,” Ian Hatton, chairman of Enterprize Energy, said. “However, the promise of this technology extends beyond simply providing electricity for the grid. “There is opportunity to explore at how that energy may be turned to green hydrogen or even green ammonia, stored, utilized to decarbonize energy-intensive sector, and exported to localized markets by taking a comprehensive, joined-up strategy,” he added.

“Taking a collaborative approach to green hydrogen’s enormous potential guarantees that tangible progress is made in the field, as illustrated by initiatives like Thang Long.” “This development has the possibility to produce a fully clean fuel in the sort of green hydrogen, and it could even be scaled up to 5.4GW to increase production even more,” Hatton added.

“Part of our eagerness to cooperate with the Institute of Energy as well as Department of Industry and Trade has been our continuing commitment to ensuring that Vietnam benefits fully from the socio-economic advantages which green hydrogen can and is going to deliver in the years ahead, in tandem with the country’s offshore wind ambitions,” he added.

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