Nicaraguan Police find the bodies of six migrants

The Nicaraguan police have found six bodies in a state of decomposition in a drifting boat in the area of ​​Cayo Paloma, and the first investigations indicate that they were migrants from Guinea , according to Europa Press.

According to the information provided by the authorities, the final destination of the migrants would have been the United States, however they spent at least a month adrift inside the boat and died on board.

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A group of inhabitants of the town of Bluefields, on the Caribbean coast, reported the discovery of the boat with six bodies, which have been confirmed to be all men.

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Forensic teams have determined that the cause of death was dehydration, heat stroke and systematic failure of their bodies, and they would have died more than a month ago, according to the Police, reports ‘La Prensa’.

Among the clothes of one of the deceased they have been able to rescue a Guinean passport with the name of Malick Keita, “who in immigration registration does not register income to our country,” added the Police.

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