Catalonia generates a new statistical chaos by eliminating 80,000

Catalonia generates a new statistical chaos by eliminating 80,000

Infantas Elena (57 years old) and Cristina (55), sisters of King Felipe VI, were vaccinated against the coronavirus during a visit to their father, Juan Carlos I , in Abu Dhabi, where the emeritus monarch has resided for several months, according to has reported ‘El Confidencial’.

This same information ensures that the former head of state (83) has also been vaccinated in the United Arab Emirates, as well as his friend the former director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) Félix Sanz Roldán (76) .

Zarzuela sources have neither confirmed nor denied these data, claiming that Elena and Cristina are “no longer a royal family” , but have added: “The King is not responsible for the actions of his sisters.”

The same sources assure that both Felipe VI and Letizia and their daughters will receive the vaccine “when it is their turn according to the established order.” The infantas made the trip on February 7 and 8 and returned to Spain on February 13 and 14, after visiting their father and receiving the vaccine.

In Spain, the doses of Pfizer and Moderna are only authorized for people in nursing homes for the elderly, those over 80 years of age and high-risk healthcare facilities, while those of AstraZeneca are being administered to those under 55 belonging to teaching staff, to the Forces of State security or health workers away from the first line of response against the coronavirus.

The Emirates approved the use of the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm in December and, in January, the Russian Sputnik V. This country is the second in the world with a better dose administration rate after Israel.

This information comes days after the second regularization has been known before the Treasury of Juan Carlos, this time for four million euros. The previous one, in December, had been 678,000 euros.

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